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S7 Floating Dabura


2012-06-01 13:43:01

Millions of years ago, the God of Creation Bur and the evil God Harlan fought an epic war in Serenia. The war lasted a very long time. In the end, Bur created the holy sword “Lamborisa” by the elemental power of Serenia, and killed Harlan with it. The Holy Sword Lamborisa sealed Harlan’s soul within itself was hid in the depth of Abyss Labyrinth by Bur.

In these long years, Holy Sword Lamborisa has been tainted by Harlan’s twisted soul, and becomes an evil sword. Harlan wishes to resurrect himself from the sword. There is only one purpose for Harlan’s resurrection, revenge! Before he fully awakes, we must enter the Abyss Labyrinth and destroy the sword to prevent that from happening. Adventures have to defeat the evil Harlan together for the peace of Serenia.

The Rich continent, ancient castle, hot desert, gorgeous undersea city, dreamlike island, boundless icy and snowy world…seven capacious continents and fourteen mysterious instances bring you to a magnificent world.