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S7 Floating Dabura


2012-06-01 14:01:01

There was once a time when heroic steeds were spiritual items that could be nurtured and groomed. As your level increases, mounts will not only provide you with bonus stats, but also look glorious. Under your consistent care and nurturing, the small pony that you have will one day storm the fields. Oh how proud you will feel at that moment. When players equip mounts, the equipment effects will be displayed on the game interface. Players can increase mounts levels with Mount EVO Potion to upgrade their appearances and become more resplendent and valorous. Stats will also increase. Following the main quest until the instance at Lv. 20, you can get a fantastic Floating Rock. You can also purchase another one through the market directly.



The mount meld is transferring the glow of a mount to a main mount, and the meld mount will disappear.
1). The level of the meld mount must be higher than the main mount.
2). The synthetic mount will be bound if either of the main mount or the meld mount is bound.
3). The melding may fail without the Mount Meld Potion. Therefore the main mount will keep the rate and the meld mount disappear.