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S7 Floating Dabura


2012-06-01 13:57:18

A spirit is a special item to change a player into a monster. The player owns sprits to improve their character stats and also transforms appearance. Special skills can only be released through spirits.

Most monsters in the game can be a player’s spirit. Players only need to double-click specific hatch item to get them (has failure rate). Each type of monster corresponds to a kind of hatch item.

Approach to get item: Elite monsters have a chance to drop a corresponding egg. For instance, they have a chance to drop an egg of wild bosses and other special monsters. A world Boss has a small chance to drop its egg.


Feed Spirit
The spirits grow up by feeding Spirit Food sold in Market. When the growth bar is full, the spirit will get a talent point which can be cost to learn a talent skill randomly. The spirit growth will grow as your character experience grows.


Absorb Soul
The Spirit’s Soul Level can be improved by absorbing soul, so as to enhance the spirit’s basic stats. The rules show as follows:
1) Click Absorb Soul to place spirit in the pop-up checkbox, click “Done” to complete absorb.
2) Through absorb, the spirit’s soul will increase. When the Soul is full, the soul level can be improved.
3) The spirits of a higher Spirit level or Soul Level will get more Soul after absorbing.


The spirit’s APT decides the growth of basic stats while Elite should level increase. The higher the spirit’s APT is, the greater range the upgrade has.
1) Spirit’s APT can be gained randomly after being captured.
2) The higher quality a spirit has, the gear random range APT will have.
3) Spirit’s APT can be refreshed through a Spirit Refine Gem which is sold at the Market.


Combine is a way to get better stats of equipped spirits by transferring the other spirit at max soul level into bonus stats. The bonus stats will be distributed on HP, MP, ATK and DEF randomly. The bonus stats will remain on the spirit until instead of a new stat of combine.
1) The spirit you want to combine must be Chief or Boss Spirits at max Soul Level.
2) The spirit level to combine must equal to or be lower than the spirit to be equipped.
3) The spirit combined will disappear.
4) The higher level and quality of combined spirit is, the better spirit stats is.
5) The spirits will obtain the higher stats without decrease through combining repeatedly.


The spirits have their own skills. Drag the skill card into the skill slots before the skill is available. There are 3 skill slots of a spirit at most. A Spirit Wisdom Book is needed to open the slot and a Spirit Skill Seal to remove the skill card which had been learnt. Both of the items can be purchased in Market.