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S7 Floating Dabura


2012-06-01 13:56:20

When you reach Lv. 25, you will have talents through the main quest. The talent is a system of strengthening the ability, learning different powerful skills. Players can get a powerful skill by improving their talent level or strengthening their own capacity. Talent skills are independent of the ordinary skills. Players can get the experience of talent to enhance the talent levels by completing talent tasks. When players reach Lv. 35, you can get the first talent challenge quest to get more talent experience. And there is also a lava cores event at Lv.40 for talent experience. You can freely combination your new skills by the 3 talent tree.

Tips: Players can complete some difficult talent quest by Quest Handbook sold in Market. Players can also get double talent experience rewards of talent quest by Talent Gem sold in market.