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S7 Floating Dabura


2012-06-01 14:11:22

Modifying equipments is the way of enhancing the additional stats of the equipment with the material same as crafting. The higher level of the equipment is, the more and better additive stats will be. Players can open the craft interface to modify the equipments.


1. The level of modification is divided into A, B, C, D from highest to lowest.
2. The modification must follow the level sequence one by one.
3. The old equipment will be consumed to get a new one with successful modification.
4. Gold is needed in modifying.
5. Whether the equipment is bound depends on the equipment is bound or not before.
6. The high modify level equipment can be modified the low level stat alternatively.


Every time players modify the equipment, there will obtain a new bonus stat and no repeat in D-C-B-A 4 times.


The bonus stats include HP, MP, accuracy, evasion, attack speed, crit accuracy, crit evasion, crit enhance, crit reduction, skill accuracy, skill evasion, skill enhance, skill enhance, skill crit accuracy, skill crit evasion, skill crit amplify, skill crit reduction, luck, holy attack.


Besides, the base stats and enhance stats will improve along with the modify level.