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S7 Floating Dabura


2012-06-01 14:29:53

In Serenia Fantasy’s friend system, you can not only chat with friends more efficiently, you may also add foes and blacklist more unsavory characters. This allows you to track your enemies down, or avoid harassment from annoying players. Hitting the “Friends” icon on the game interface or “O” brings up your friend interface.


You can click on targeted players, names in the chat window or in the guild list and add them as friends. Or you can click on the add friend icon in the friends interface, then input the name of the person you wish to add as a friend. When the other party agrees to your request, both parties will become friends.

As for adding foes and blacklisting, only your confirmation is required. The foes interface records the times when you were killed by other players you assigned as foes. When your foe logs in, the system will prompt you that a foe is online. Messages from blacklisted players will be automatically blocked.