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S7 Floating Dabura


2012-06-01 14:31:25

Party battles greatly increase the combat efficiency and rewards yielded in the game, and make the game much more fun. The maximum number of people in a party is 5, and parties grant monster EXP bonuses.In a party, the more the members, the more EXP rewards granted.

When players wish to group with others, they can choose from players within the area where their character is, then click on the player’s name in the chat window or from the friends list to invite them. When invited by other players, an invite will pop up on the game interface, and players can choose to confirm or decline.

When in a group, the group leader will be indicated by a yellow tag above his head. When two or more players are grouped, the bottom of the player’s portrait will turn into a party member info display area. When clicking on a member in the area, a group options menu will pop up.

The “Follow Target” option is an exclusive party function, and “Change Leader” and “Kick from Party” functions are for leaders only. Party members are indicated by different colors from other players on the mini-map. When the leader goes offline, leadership will shift to another party member. Members won’t leave the party when they go offline, and must be removed by the leader. If players wish to leave a party, they may click on their own portraits and choose “leave party”, or the party leader may choose “leave party” or “disband party”.