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S7 Floating Dabura

Stronghold Battle

2012-06-01 14:57:29

Cain Kingdom Stronghold:
Registration (Monday 12:00 am - Tuesday 8:00 pm)
Battle (Wednesday 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm)


Muradin Kingdom Stronghold: Registration (Thursday 12:00 am - Friday 8:00 pm)
Battle (Saturday 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm)


Holding a Stronghold is the symbol of a guild's power. Every Wednesday and Saturday, guild leaders can lead their guilds or allied guilds in a bid to seize one of the Strongholds. Guilds must bid to get the tight to start a Stronghold Battle. At the next available time, the Guild can start attacking the Stronghold. The defending guild should try their best to prevent the attackers from destroying their Stronghold stones. The winners get control of the Stronghold, making a profit for the guild and its members.


1.  All the defenders can recover hp for the crystal;
2.  Only defending guild leader can recover hp for the crystal at any time;
3.  All the defenders can enter the battlefield 2 minutes before the battle begins, so you can recover hp for the crystal together within the 2 minutes;
4.  Defenders can buy repair stone from guild shop to recover hp for the crystal.

Victory Conditions
Attackers: Destroy the Crystal of Authority;
Defenders: Protect the Crystal of Authority until the battle is over.


1.When the battle starts, four resource chests will be spawned in the Stronghold. Only the attackers can open them. When the battle is over, the owner of the Stronghold can open them.
2.When the battle ends, a chest of victory will be spawned. They owner of the stronghold can open it. The winners will get a title "Protector", while the guild leader gets the title "Castellan" (hp+2000).