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S7 Floating Dabura


2012-06-01 15:02:39

There are two methods of auto-pilot in Serenia Fantasy, one of which is quests where you auto-pathfind and killing the corresponding monsters.


On the right of the game interface, there is a name on the quest tracking panel where you can click to automatically find your way to where the monsters are and kill them. The other method is where players can move to a location on the map with monsters they wish to farm to deploy auto-pilot. When you reach the place where you wish to deploy auto-pilot, click on the auto-pilot icon near the mini-map at the top right to open the auto-pilot interface.

You can assign what monster type you wish to kill by checking the respective monster on the interface.

You may begin auto-pilot when you complete the action. In the auto-pilot settings, players can choose skills and potions to use, as well as loot selection depending on their conditions during auto-pilot.

They can even view monster attributes and locations based on their loot by determining the items they wish to obtain.