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S7 Floating Dabura

Shortcut to get more powerful

2012-06-19 10:07:31

There is a lot of ways to get more powerful in Serenia world. I try to arrange them together to make a guide for the rookies.

Firstly, the level of character plays a decisive role in the game. You should get EXP with the double EXP orb to help your level rush quickly.

The costume is strongly recommended to be the first purchase in Serenia. Not only has the cool appearance in the game, but also take you powerful stats, let alone the Ninja costume is giveaway with 1 token added.

Following the main quest, you will get your first spirit, Escaping Prum Bear. Do not ignore the spirit though you are not always transforming. The spirit will bring you great stats and talent skills. Feed the spirit with the spirit food before getting talent points. You can learn the talent skills for the spirit with them. The higher level you get, the more important position the spirit takes.

After Lv. 35, you have equipped both of your wings and mount. When you equip wings and mount, the equipment effects will be displayed in the game. You can fortify them with Wings Fortify Feather and Mount EVO Potion to upgrade their appearances and become more resplendent and valorous. Stats will also increase. Forster your own wings and mount to get both cool appearance and powerful stats.

There is also an important way to enhance your ability. The Bur’s Blessing is an upgrade system in your character interface. The ATK, DEF, HP, HOLY stats can be improved directly here. All bless get 5, 10, 15, the bonus stats will be activated.

The talent and skills will enhance you much more. You can invest MagiPoints to increase skill levels individually.  It’s a fantastic way to customize a character to a player’s specific play style.  Just because 30 skills are available, a rotation may not consist of all skills.  It makes sense to increase the potency of those skills to improve effectiveness. The talent brings pretty much stats and new skills. Completing talent quests with the Talent Gem to get double talent exp is an easy way to get more talent points.