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S7 Floating Dabura

Newbie Strategy

2012-06-19 13:04:25

Set in the magical land of Serenia, Serenia Fantasy promises to be one of this year’s top browser games.  Serenia Fantasy uses a real-time combat system in a 2D world that bears a great resemblance to the great adventure games of the 16-bit era.

You start out by picking the sex and class of their character.  You can have up to three characters.

After the creation, you will get in the Treefolk Town, the first map for your adventure. Take the first quest then find the objective by just clicking the name of the objective on the right side of screen then move the character automatically to the required item/monster/etc. Questing is very easy in this way.

There are 2 tips in the first map.

1. As there is an ancient well in the centre of the town, you should try to click it and see what happens. There are some hidden quest with great rewards in this game, find them out with the curiosity to the world.

2. Sarah is not far away from the well. You could redeem the new player card you have got and join the fabulous events from her. There will be a surprise for you!

Following the main quest and the system guide, you can reach Lv. 20 quickly. Then you may explore the world by yourselves. It’s an easy way to level up by following the main quest. You will receive a quest for completing 10 daily quests. The daily quests reward a considerable EXP, so you should not miss them. The daily quests could be received by clicking the “Recommend” button near the minimap. In the recommend system, you can also find the other daily high reward events. Besides, you can also get a zeal reward by completing the recommend events. Check the recommend system every time you have no idea about how to level up.

At Lv. 20, you will enter the first instance – Deathly Mineshaft. There will be 2 powerful NPC help you out to solo the instance. REMEMBER to receive the instance quest in the quest page for getting your first mount in Serenia. There is only 1 turn to join the instance in one day. And the turns can be saved up to 3.

At Lv. 35 you could get your first pair of wings by the quest of Talent challenge. You should click the button with double sword near the minimap to enter the challenge map. It’s a tough trial to all you heroes, so try to conquer it with your partners together.


After Lv. 40, the exp getting from main quest is not enough to level you up. You should not only complete the recommend events, but also kill the monsters with auto-pilot. Auto-pilot allows players to configure their character with a set behavior when attacking selected monsters.  This includes using potions or resting when health and mana drop to a set point.  Players can also select a rotation that will play out when attacking.  In this way, you can AFK from your computer and just check it for a while with getting experience and materials. The elite hall is much more dangerous but highly rewarded at the same time as the low reward in the wild map. Joining a party is a smart choice for more efficient and safe in auto-pilot. Take advantage of the Auto-join function in the party interface.

Do not forget the presented coupons. The most items for level up or upgrade are also sold in the coupon shop. You could get the double EXP orb, Talent Gem, Energy Essence, Upgrade Gem, etc. to help you level up quickly. Enhancing your talent and skills takes more strength and never disappeared.

I strongly recommend for a small denominations purchasing tokens for the costume. The stats are really helpful in the low level. In addition, fortifying the wings and mount is cost efficient in the first 10 flows.