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S7 Floating Dabura

[U1-U3 Event] Servant of Light! New Expansion Event is Here!

2013-01-08 15:42:50

Serenia New Version Events

Event 1: Level-up your servant in lightning speed!

Duration: January 8th 00:00 to January 13th 23:59:59

Server: U1 – U3


During the 6 days, players reached Lv. 50 could get Servant EXP Bread * 1 everyday from Sarah by just logging in game.

Limited Costume Seiya & Athena can be claimed in the first day from server launched (Jan. 8th). Every one could claim only one time in the event.





Players could claim the rewards from NPC "Sarah" in Cain Kingdom.

Event 2 Great discounts celebrate the new expansion.

Duration: January 8th 00:00 to January 13th 23:59:59
Server: U1 – U3
Desc: Kinds of designated goods will be on sale in the market. Get ready for the exciting shopping time!
Note: The sale is only available in the event time.

Event 3: Abyss Lord conquers Serenia world!
 January 8th 00:00 to January 13th 23:59:59
Server: U1 – U3
Desc: During the 4 days after servers launched, a big bonus is fed back to celebrate the new version.

Total Tokens Bonus
500 Element Rune * 3
2000 Stamina Flask * 2
5000 Event Reward Card * 20
8000 Abyss Lord

The Event Reward Card * 20 & Subject Seurat could be exchanged to the Lv. 90 Boss Spirit Abyss Lordfrom Sarah in the event time. 
The Event Reward Card could also be exchanged for Valor Crystal * 40 OR Bur’s Blessing * 90
AL1.jpg AL.jpg 

Note: 1. Tokens must be added in the event time (NOT the reward time). Any tokens added out of this timeframe will not be approved. 
2. If your tokens are not shown in the game after adding, please refresh the game.
3. Players could claim the rewards from NPC "Sarah" in both Treefolk Town and Cain Kingdom.
4. All the rewards in different levels you achieved can be charged together. One level rewards can only be charged once.
How to add tokens:

Event 4: Bug Hunter for New Expansion

In order to perfect our game, we invite all players to help us find the bugs in this expansion. Please submit bugs under the designated thread( ). Players who catch the real bug in the new version also can get our "Bug Hunter" forum medal as usual. Some prizes will be sent to the first player who hunted the important bugs.



How to release picture:
We will try our best to bring you a better SF game, and thanks for all your help, enjoy the Game!