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S7 Floating Dabura

Server U1 & U2 Merge Notice

2013-02-19 10:41:39

Greetings Serenia Adventurer!

In order to maintain a high level of gameplay across the Serenia Fantasy, on February 25th, 2013, we will begin combining the following servers.

This merge is scheduled to occur between from February 25th 22:00 to February 26th 2:00 PST. The servers will be disconnection during the merge process which will cause you cannot log in. Please make sure you have made preparations for it.



The address of the merged servers will be maintained. You will skip to the new server automatically.

Since U2 launched later than U1, in order to help U2 players jump start their journey, all U2 players could getTriple EXP Orb [Bound] * 8 as a server merger reward from February 19th 00:00 to February 25th 22:00 PST.

1.  Players could claim the rewards from NPC "Sarah" in both Treefolk Town and Cain Kingdom.
2. If you don't claim the reward in the timeframe, the reward will become invalid for the close of the server and you can't claim it any more. So please be sure to log in on time and claim the rewards.

Important Information Regarding Your Account

To help make this transition as smooth as possible, please check the following details:

    • Token, Coupon, Gold
    • The character below Lv. 19 that have been inactive for over 1 month will be purged from Serenia.
    • The tokens in different servers will be added to the new server.
    • The coupons and gold will be maintained.

    • Duplication of name (Character)
    • The duplicated name will be named as: S1:yourname. E.g. S1:SarahSF
    • There will be a chance to rename your character when you log in the duplicated character first time. You can not log in game unless you rename your character.
    • The new name must be the unique one. It means you could use the previous name if you log in first.

    • Duplication of name (Guild)
    • The duplicated name will be named as: S1: guildname. E.g. S1: Serenia
    • The guild leader could rename the guild in the guild interface.

    • Multi-character in one account
    • The characters in both servers will be maintained even over 3, but no more character can be created.

    • Friend, Foe, Blacklist and Guild Ally
    • The friends, foes, blacklist will be maintained in the new server. The deleted character will be deleted in these lists.
    • The guild ally will be maintained. We suggest that the guild leader cancel the ally relationship and re-ally once to keep the relationship working well. 

    • Rank List
    • The rank list in the new server will be reset at the second day.
    • The title of Nightmare Abyss will be maintained.

    • Stronghold Battle
    • All the Strongholds will be reset. 

    • Mail
    • All the mails will be maintained

-Serenia Team