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S7 Floating Dabura

[U3-S7 Event] Serenia Super Lottery Card

2013-03-26 12:05:12

Serenia Super Lottery



Event 1: Super Lottery Card Reappears

>>Click Here to Join<<

Duration: March 26th 00:00 to March 31st 23:59:59 PDT
Server: U3 - S7
1. During the event days, players could get a FREE chance to draw a lottery card everyday by just sign in on the event page above. 
2. Every 200 tokens added in the event takes 1 more chance to get a lottery card. There are up to 10cards can be got in one day. 
3. The rewards will be sent by system mail to your character. All the rewards are bound.
Lottery Steps:
1. Open the event page
2. Click the “Sign In” button. You have to log in if not.
3. The lottery turns will be shown in the top of the cards.
4. IMPORTANT! Choose your server and character you want to receive the rewards carefully. 
5. Now choose your lucky card and check your mail!


1. You have to click the SIGN IN button on the page, and then you could get your lottry turn.

2. If you cannot find the cards on the page, please try another browser.

Rewards Preview:
Have chance to get Golden Pegasus / Pandora costumes, Kite mount, Moonlight Butterfly wings,Valor Crystal, Bur’s Blessing, Wings Fortify Feather, Mount EVO Potion, Upgrade Gem, Glory Badge, Spirit Food, 5x EXP Orb, Valor Refining Stone, Element Rune, Element Hammer, Spirit Baptize Gem, Coupon Box, etc. 
The costumes you received are all Golden Pegasus (M), and then you could exchange it to Pandora (F)from NPC “Sarah” in Cain Kingdom.

Event 2: 30% Bonus Coupons Rewarded
Duration: March 26th 00:00 to March 31st 23:59:59 PDT
Server: U3 – S7
Desc: During the event days, 300 coupons will be given back for every 1000 tokens added and the max coupon reward is 3000 coupons (we count the round number as one thousand, so the tokens added not enough to one thousand will not get the bonus coupons). The rewards can be claimed from NPC “Sarah”.  
1. Tokens must be added in the event time (NOT the reward time). Any tokens added out of this timeframe will not be approved. 
2. If your tokens are not shown in the game after adding, please refresh the game.
3. Players could claim the rewards from NPC "Sarah" in both Treefolk Town and Cain Kingdom.

How to add tokens: