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S7 Floating Dabura

A Brief Preview to the New Expansion

2013-03-27 17:27:05
Dear Adventures: 
The new exciting expansion is going to launch in several days. Our engineers and all Serenia Team are working hard on the last test and adjustment. 
It's a brief preview of the new systems here to help you guys get a general idea about the coming expansion. The update schedule will be released soon and please maintain your focus on the latest news.

New Adventure
-        The seventh continent – Isles of Mysteries - in the west of Serenia will be released. There are new mobs from Lv. 100 to Lv. 110 and 2 of the 5 mysterious towers to explore. The main quest will be expanded, too.
-        The 3 episode of the abyss from level 201 – 300 will be release to players and 10 epic titles will follow the conquer achievements. 

New Skill
-        One new powerful active skill will be added on level 100 for each class, and all the 3 classes could get 3 shared new passive skills. It’s obviously a revolution to the current option mode. 
-        The level cap of the skills will be upgraded a lot. But the skill upgrade has to consume the Skill Gems. 

New Power
-        The Lv. 95 Dabura set could be modified to the epic level S in the new expansion. 
-        Moreover, the max level of upgrade will be increased to Lv. 30. The upgrade gems are needed to level up from Lv. 16. The success rate from Lv. 16 – 30 will be same as Lv. 1 – 15. 
-        The fourth type of elements – Light- will be released. The warm light takes critical healing buff and the dazzling new appearance on weapons.
-        The Essence slots on servant will be added.

New Fun
-        Over 10 types of new hairstyles and the corresponding recipes will be added.
-        The secret new wings, mount, and spirits will be released too.

-        A portable stash will be added. 
-        The 6th talent of spirits will be released.
-        Lots of optimization and bugs fixed