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S7 Floating Dabura

New Expansion - Isles of Mysteries

2013-03-29 17:12:29
Greetings Serenia Adventurer!
The latest expansion pack – Isles of Mysteries - is going to live in days. A brand new journey is waiting for your exploration. Conquer the new adventure and solve the mysteries!



New Continent
The seventh continent – Isles of Mysteries - in the west of Serenia will be released half part. There are new mobs from Lv. 100 to Lv. 110 and both Fury Tower and Magic Tower to explore. The main quest will be expanded to Lv. 120. Players could get to the new map by the portals or the transport crystals.

New Skills
A brand new active skill will be added to all the 3 classes on Lv. 100. 
The preview of the skills: 



Detail (Lv. 1)



Withthis skill, Warrior can transform all the injuries into Health to heal himself.60% of the injuries will be transformed into Health. The maximum healing each time should be no more than 10% of warrior's HP. Lasts 5 seconds. Cooldown: 120sec.



Behindthe ranger, there will appear 2 shadows attacking in the same way with theranger. Each shadow increases the ranger's damage by 15%, shares its 50% injury and recovers its HP by 5% each second. Lasts 5 seconds. Cooldown: 120 sec.



Theattendant will release an Electrostatic damage each second, automatically searching random targets within 250 yards. Inflicts 100% weapon damage.Electric Storm lasts 10 seconds. Cooldown: 120 sec.

Moreover, 3 shared passive skills will beadded on Lv. 80. The skills could strengthen players Health, Defense and AttackPower.

SkillLevel Up

All the skills could be upgraded to Lv. 10in the new expansion. Leveling up skills consumes Proff or Magipoints. Besides,Skill Gems will be needed from Lv. 4. Different number of gems will be neededfor different skills.

SGrade Dabura Gears

The Lv. 95 Dabura gear set could bemodified to S grade. The basic status will be upgraded from A grade. The Sgrade will be invisible until you learn the modification recipes. The S recipescould be got from the Mysterious Book Box which drops from the mobs in theMagic Tower and Fury Tower. And the necessary S material could be combined inthe “Potion” system.

Lv.30 Gears

The level cap of gears upgrade will beincreased to Lv. 30. More powerful status could be get from the upgrade. TheAdvanced Upgrade Gem will be needed from Lv. 16. The success rate from Lv. 16 –30 will be same as Lv. 1 – 15. E.g. Lv. 16 needs 1 gem, 2 for Lv. 17 and 4 forLv.18 and so on. One more bonus status will be added in Lv. 20 and Lv. 30.


The fourth type of elements – Light- willbe released. The warm light takes critical healing buff and the dazzling newappearance on weapons. Crit healing takes HP healing when the player triggersthe element crit attack.




The 3 episode of the abyss – Despair Abyss- from level 201 to 300 will be released to players who have passed theHorrible Abyss. Moreover, 10 epic titles will rewarded for the conquer achievements.




A portable stash will be added in the Bag.Players have to use a Stash Key to open the stash page. The usage is same asthe normal stash and the available spaces is shared with the normal one.


Over 10 types of new hairstyles and thecorresponding recipes will be added. Players can only get the new hairstyle bycraft the Rare Chest in “Potion” system.




-     The 6th talent of spirits will be released.

-     The rule about winning the Cannon Crisis isadjusted to more fair.

-     The guild members cannot quit guild whenthe Guild War is in process.

-     Town Portal Scrolls cannot be used in combatstate.

-     A confirm dialog box is added when theplayers combine the spirit with talent skill books.

-     The prize for Lv. 70+ Hegemony of theStrongest is upgraded.

-     The range of collecting drops is expanded.

-     A system notice will be broadcasted whenplayer pass one of the abysses.