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Serenia Fantasy Gift Packs for Raidcall

2013-04-08 19:38:15

Serenia Fantasy Gift Packs for Raidcall



Dear Adventures:
Now we have a new way to win some fabulous packs from out partner – Raidcall!
We offer 2 kinds of pack to redeem by the Credits on Raidcall:

1.Coupon Pack
Major Coupon Box: Randomly contains 10-100 Coupons and has a small chance to contain 500 Coupons.

Plays could redeem the Major Coupon Box * 1 by 20 credits on Raidcall. Only one pack could be redeemed by one account per day, and 10 packs at most. 

2.Wings Pack

The limited Moonlight Butterfly wings:



Plays could redeem the Moonlight Butterfly * 1 by 200 credits on Raidcall.
Only one pack can be redeemed by one account.

How to get the Raidcall Credits?
Credit actually is not the new kind of point system introduced in Raidcall. However, this is the first time users can use it. Credit can be gained by keeping your account online, one Credit for each hour you're logged on. If you're logged on for less than an hour, it will be counted and added to the next calculation

How to redeem the prize?
1. Login Gift Center with your RaidCall Account:
2. Click "Claim" to get your gift code(Make sure you have sufficient RaidCall Credit)
3. Log in game:
4. Start the game and you will see the NPC "Sarah"
5. Click the NPC and choose "Redeem Code Reward"
6. Input the correct code (pay attention to Capital), and click the "Done"
7. There will be a tip, and then you can see the mail
8. Click the Mail button then choose the System Mail, then click the mes sage to receive your reward. The reward will be placed in your bag.
9. Open your bag, and double click on the New Player Pack.